We Care at JJ's Coventry

We Care

Coventry City nightclub goers have the right not only to be safe during their nights out but to experience the highest degree of customer care available.

At JJ’s the ‘WE CARE’ is our customer care and safety policy which will provide care to ensure our customers have the best possible night.

This policy is a safety net system, where when things do go wrong every possible step is taken to look after every customer.

We also aim to ensure that the vulnerable are recognised and dealt with sympathetically, preserving their dignity and safety at every opportunity.

The following points are key for us to ensure that we take a responsible approach to safety protection and care of all our customers but in particular ensuring that the venue gives special care to those who may become vulnerable.

Click here for our full 'We Care' policy

If you have any questions, issues or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us on: 02476 631636 or alternatively via email at: coventry@jjsnightclub.com